Capturing Memories

That last forever.

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We believe that you deserve to be able to hold onto the memories of your day; the stolen glances, the laughs you share, and experiencing those important moments with people you love the most. Getting to know the real you helps us craft wedding films with intention and makes sure that this will be the perfect way to authentically relive your day. Capturing intimate weddings for adventure-seeking couples is something we’re passionate about. This day is about the two of you, but your wedding film is something that your family, friends, and loved ones will cherish for generations.

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Our Values

Authenticity Is

What Matters

To Me

My goal is to never take things too seriously, remain light-hearted, and make sure to appreciate the things in my life that I can control. I’m pretty sure that last point is why I spend most of my days in line at Target or belting out songs from the first High School Musical… Those are definitely two things in the world that I’m most comfortable with.

Past Work

Meet Kevin

I’ve been in love with capturing moments for as long as I can remember – always taking my mom’s digital cameras growing up to shoot videos with my friends around the neighborhood. My films are story driven & each photo that I take encapsulates a specific time in our lives. I love adventuring to new places, going on walks, hiking and experiencing things I’ve never seen. Being active is also important, whether that be basketball or anything else that allows me to get out of the house! I enjoy watching movies (Rush Hour 2 being the best!) and I just love to make sure I’m doing things in my life to contribute to my happiness.


Every couple

should be able to

relive their

Wedding Day

Bride and groom sharing an intimate moment on their wedding day

Real moments with

two human beings

that care about

each other.

I believe that family is important and the people that you surround yourself with can have a huge impact on you. I want you to book us because you think we’re right for you. That we fit your personalities
and can bring an energy to the wedding experience that means something. Love is important and this day is symbolic of a story that will live on forever.

Bride with floral arranagement on her wedding day

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