Kevin Sullivan posing with camera in a field

There to capture

Those Memories

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Kevin Sullivan with camera in a field

Kevin Sullivan - Filmmaker, Photographer & Storyteller

I’ve been in love with capturing moments for as long as I can remember – always taking my mom’s digital cameras growing up to shoot videos with my friends around the neighborhood. My films are story driven & each photo that I take encapsulates a specific time in our lives. I love adventuring to new places, going on walks, hiking and experiencing things I’ve never seen. Being active is also important, whether that be basketball or anything else that allows me to get out of the house! I enjoy watching movies (Rush Hour 2 being the best!) and I just love to make sure I’m doing things in my life to contribute to my happiness.

Our Why

Building trust

To allow Joy

to Flourish

Kevin Sullivan shooting video content

To keep it simple, I love making people happy. That goes way beyond solely making a video that others will enjoy watching. That starts with getting to know my couples on a deeper level to build trust. To move from being just a vendor, to someone you can call a friend – someone who you know has your back. Knowing everything I can about the two of you allows me to craft meaningful films that resonate with the journey you’re starting together. Something that will hold a place in your heart 50 years down the line. I do this because I want these images to be the trailer to your happiness as a couple.

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Choosing who captures your wedding is a huge decision! This is the person that you’re trusting to guide you through the best day of your life. You’ll be with them ALL day, letting them pose the images that will live with you and be passed on for generations.