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10 years from now, without photos or videos, what will you remember from your wedding day?


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Wedding Day

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10 years from now, without photos or videos, what will you remember from your wedding day? Before all of the flowers and the food and small decorations that will be forgotten, let’s remember what this day is about. The two of you have a bond so strong that you want to spend the rest of your lives together. That’s special! Imagine your children being able to hear you two reading your vows to one another. Hearing the sniffles and cracks in your voice and seeing the tears roll down the faces of you and your loved ones.

Learning all we can about the couples we work with allows us to capture better moments because we know who you are and what you like. We help make the wedding day fun, never taking the job too seriously but knowing where to be to get the shot. Let us help capture this day for you and your family to remember forever.

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Wedding video Collections

I want to be 100% invested in every wedding that I film. The story between the two of you is much more than a day and I put all of my time into helping create those memories that last forever. We try to be with you from prep all the way to the dance floor!

Some things we offer:

I only take on a select amount of booking for my standard collections every year to make sure I’m giving the proper amount of attention to their films.

Video Collections Starting at $4900

Photo Collections

Try and remember the feeling of happiness you felt when you saw your parents or grandparents wedding photos. A snapshot of that moment in time is priceless. Every photo helps tell a story. Things we offer in our photo collections are:

Some things we offer:

Photo Collections Starting at $4900

Associate Wedding Collections

I believe that everyone deserves to have their wedding day captured in a way where they can remember the best moments, years and years down the line. I wish I could film every wedding for all of you but I do only take on a certain amount every year – this is where my associate filmmaker collections come into play. I’m lucky to have a group of talented photo & video friends that can take on a wedding day and allow me to be two places at once. After they capture your union, they bring it to me and I get to edit it in my style! This way you still get the full experience and are also able to pay a little less for a memory that will outlive us all.

I only take on a select amount of booking for my standard collections every year to make sure I’m giving the proper amount of attention to their films.

Associate Collections Starting at $3900

What's Next?

Let’s Chat

I love setting up a Zoom call or even meeting in person to get to know the two of you and see how we can fit together. We’ll cover your love story, my process, and all the details for your wedding day. Fill out my contact form and let’s talk!

Reserving Your Day

To secure your wedding date, all you need is a $500 retainer and we’re good to go. I’ll collect the info I need from you for the contract, invoice and everything in HoneyBook (my CRM) and you two are locked in!

The Fun Part

This is the planning stage leading up to the wedding where we get to talk about all of the details, do an engagement session, and I try to get to know you two as best as possible. This is super important because it’s how this whole experience remains authentic and I know how to serve you best as a couple.




If you missed the steps above, to book with me you can fill out my contact form and we can hop on a Zoom call so I learn everything about you and the wedding! Also, to lock the date in, it’s only a retainer of $500. I get all the info I need, fill out the contract and invoice and we’re all ready to go!

You can find my starting prices throughout my investment page but I love to talk to my couples and create custom collections for them based on their wants and needs.

For my wedding films I always get a teaser out within the first few days after the wedding. I love allowing my couples to have a little sneak peek of the day while the wait for the full thing. For the wedding film, I quote about 8-10 weeks during busy season (July-October) and closer to 6 weeks in the other months. For photos I have my same process with teasers – sending those out the next day. Then for full galleries it’s usually in that 6 week range as well. 

Sadly the answer to that is no. Because of copyright laws I use  music licensing websites called Artlist & Musicbed that have an awesome catalog to choose from! Also I take my time to learn as much as I can about you two so that when I’m crafting your films, I have a better idea what style you’d like. 

I DO!! I would love to travel to a destination wedding or elopement if you’re planning on doing something a little non-traditional. I offer custom packages for those so just reach out to me and let’s chat!

YES YES YES. Whether it be finding vendors, helping with the schedule for the day or anything else I would love to help make your day and the wedding process much easier and less stressful.